In a nutshell, the story is this: Pekka (Riku Pasanen) is a scrupulous, hardworking engineer - a heavily overladen part of the machinery at a company well respected within its own industry. The tight schedule of an important project building a new factory and the increases in workload over the past years is simply getting to be too much for diligent Pekka. What next, burnout?

What to do when the stress gets unbearable and the hours in the day seem to be too few? Little by little, when weird dreams get mixed up with reality, everything, including what Pekka's wife Liisa (Sanna Pasanen) is doing with her boss, starts to look suspicious.

Adding to the misery, Pekka's new colleague Elmeri (Mikko Nieminen), as well as the rest of the personnel for that matter, don't seem to take things seriously enough. Who is playing games behind Pekka's back? Is everything really what it appears to be?

Can it get any worse than this for Pekka? YES. A LOT WORSE..

Movie facts

Black comedy
1 h 30 min
Year of production
Screenplay by
Timo Reinikainen & Riku Pasanen
Story by
Riku Pasanen
Directed by
Aarni Heilä & Riku Pasanen
Main cast
Riku Pasanen & Mikko Nieminen & Sanna Pasanen
Filming by
Aarni Heilä & Jonni Vihtkari
Script supervisor
Timo Reinikainen
Sounds by
Aki Silventoinen
Original music by
Riku Pasanen & Aki Silventoinen
Editing by
Aarni Heilä
Subtitles by
Juha Pärnänen
Graphics by
Lasse Virtanen
Effects by
Niko Rajala
Web design
Mikko Kortelainen
Trailer by
Jouni Silventoinen & Timo Reinikainen
Making of by
Jouni Silventoinen & Timo Reinikainen

Making the Movie

In 2011 R&A Productions started working on a movie about burnout. The project took three years. What were the reasons for starting it? How did it go in practice? Did the production team risk burning out themselves? 'Burnout - The Making Of' seeks answers to these questions through interviews of production teams members and shares footage from behind the scenes.

Occupational burnout or job burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It is characterized by exhaustion, cynical behaviour, lack of enthusiasm and motivation, and may result in reduced professional self-esteem. But Burnout the movie - that's something else.

Watch 'Burnout - The Making Of'

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